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"A Vision for Mexico"
by Christopher Webster

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Chris Webster

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      Since 1519 when Hernan Cortez first landed on Mexican shores, everyone who has come to this magical land senses the enchantment contained within its borders. Mexico is a place of sensual overload - form its culture, art, music, crafts, and architecture to its climate, landscape, history, and food, to its deep spiritual and religious base - there is no other place like it. Everything is filled with the spirit of aliveness; the harmony and power of nature are seen everywhere. The traditions of the Olmec, Maya, Aztec, and Spain are funneled into the Mexico of today, a crossroads of the Western hemisphere - an enigma to some, a paradise to others.

       Mexico's future, although clouded from time to time by internal political and economic strife, looks very bright as the wealth of this country, as expressed best through its people and its resources, will continue to be appreciated. Development will continue naturally due to the omnipotent power of the supply and demand relationship, but the important message here is to make the development which the future brings, occur in not only an aesthetically pleasing, but most importantly, an environmentally responsible way. With the ability to travel and communicate in the world today being so drastically different in every way than at any other time in history, Mexico is poised to become an international center of activity as the sensual and natural offerings described, bring the world to this Central American location. Mexico is the opportunity many have been waiting for - a place where a sense of timelessness soothes the spirit, a culture richly endowed by its deep roots, a land as spectacularly beautiful as any place in the world, a people whose spirit is best reflected by the song that is carried in their hearts and the sparkle that shines in their eyes.